i to eye workshops aim to use photography as a therapeutic aid. They create a fun and engaging environment in which the participants learn the basics of photography whilst being encouraged to use their cameras as a means of exploring and expressing themselves and the hardships many of them have endured and continue to face on a daily basis. i to eye hopes to redress the balance of photojournalism a little by placing the camera in the hands of those often the subject of photographs and allowing them to tell their own stories for a change and to control the context in which these stories are then seen.

Friday, 11 March 2011

first pictures...

Of course I realise I am biassed but I think the girls first pictures are incredible! Please let me know what you all think. I have selected two pictures from each girl from the first few rolls of film they shot in the first week. There have inevitably been a few problems with focus but I think these are a wonderful selection of images and better than anything I had thought the workshop would produce. There is a lot to write about but even more to plan for tomorrow's lesson so I will leave the next update to another day.


  1. What an amazing project. It's really nice to see what the girls look like.

  2. We are inspired - really amazing love Zulu & Pumpkin xxxx

  3. Hi Ro I think all the photos they have taken are fabulous and each have a message. I would love to know the stories behind each photo,for example to meet the woman behind the smile in priyankas shot, or meet the little boy in sapnas shot, I love the bicycle shot rajni has taken. I think all of the women have taken remarkable photographs and feel privileged via the internet to be able to see the way that they are capturing the world around them. I shall look forward to seeing the next posted photos from you all. Claire